Stargate SG-1 2.2 – In the Line of Duty

I’ve noticed that the blog’s been a little less upbeat than I’d prefer lately. Xena is uneven, we hit some Doctor Who I didn’t enjoy, and a old favorite Godzilla movie let me down. So now’s not the best time to travel back to 1998 and start the second season of Stargate SG-1, which is still firmly in its crap period. For posterity’s sake, assuming we survive this mess, we’re in the “only about 6000 dead” phase of the coronavirus. I’m sure you’d rather read something more enthusiastic than anything I have to say about this; all I can say is come back tomorrow, things should improve.

For the record, I picked this episode because it introduces us to the Tok’ra, a gang of Goa’uld who are not evil like the System Lords, but just as insufferable and arrogant. Rather than living parasitically with human hosts, they live symbiotically, with their host’s permission. That doesn’t stop one from jumping into Sam’s body in desperation when its host dies. Sadly, this is another example of watching a mediocre hour of television to meet an alien race which will become more important later.

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