Doctor Who 3.8 – Human Nature

Paul Cornell’s novel Human Nature is one of my absolute favorite Who books. Top three with So Vile a Sin and Alien Bodies. It’s darn near flawless. They made a lot of compromises when they adapted it for television. Few of them are to the story’s advantage. The original novel didn’t have the scarecrow monsters in it, for starters. I thought it was a little funny that we should see these shambling scarecrows at the same time that Worzel Gummidge is in rotation at our blog.

But the TV version is still a triumph, because it’s so well made, brilliantly designed, and David Tennant and Jessica Hynes are magical together as two sweethearts who absolutely should not be falling in love. It’s devastating now, and it’s going to get worse tomorrow night. On the other hand, sadly, our son is not impressed. We reminded him that he saw the chameleon arch fob watch just a few weeks ago, when a supposedly human tour guide named Ruth revealed herself to be a Doctor we’ve never met, but with a disappointed shrug, he said that he likes it better when the Doctor’s the Doctor, and not a human.

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