Doctor Who 3.5 – Evolution of the Daleks

This thing’s a mess, and there’s no getting around it. Freema Agyeman is pretty wonderful as she figures out what needs to be done, and I did enjoy the meeting of the minds between the Doctor and Sec. I like the way the Doctor is a couple of steps behind Sec’s realization that Daleks are not the supreme beings they thought they were. At one amusing point, Sec says that their creator was wrong. “He was what?” the Doctor says in disbelief.

Otherwise this is a story full of really, really bad science and plot holes, and it’s overdesigned like few other installments. How the heck high is the ceiling in that genetics lab of theirs? One of my pet peeves in a Doctor Who adventure is when he leaves piles and piles of alien tech and weapons just lying around the primitive, developing Earth. I always have to tell myself there’s a scene missing. See the second half of “The Mark of the Rani” for another of my favorites. I’m just going to pretend our heroes spent a few hours arranging a massive explosion and fire to destroy the genetics lab… and several hundred corpses… and three mostly indestructible Dalek shells… didn’t anybody think this story through?

But did the kid like it? Of course he did, with no quibbles or complaints. Except that Sec is gross, which he is, and which is the point.

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