The Bugaloos 1.5 – The Love Bugaloos

To put this into perspective for readers in the future, this was the weekend we were meant to go to Atlanta, but the trip’s been postponed. And next weekend’s trip to Memphis has been cancelled. This was the first disruption weekend of the coronavirus, so we stayed home and read books and watched TV.

With a Saturday morning free, we watched another episode of The Bugaloos from Rhino’s blurry collection, and our son enjoyed it a lot more than the previous one. This time, Sparky gets a celebrity crush on that famous firefly Gina Lolawattage, who’s scheduled to sing live on Peter Platter’s evening show. Benita sends her henchrat to kidnap her so that she can get called up as a last-minute replacement. Our kid really liked this one because of all of Sparky’s nervous stumbling, and the rather funny conceit that when fireflies in this world get all a-flutter, their tail lights turn red and they blast out smoke. Turns out the mating habits of big fireflies makes for good, silly kidvid, especially when you’re eight and really love fart jokes in the first place.

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