Tales of the Gold Monkey 1.11 – The Sultan of Swat

It’s Tales of the Red Herring this week, as nobody’s telling the truth and at least one man isn’t what he seems. This story is an interesting change of pace, although not a light one. A teenage girl has been killed on the island, and Louie, in his role of the local magistrate, has to act in the interest of blind justice while his friends insist that the prime suspect can’t be the killer. This would be a retired baseball star whose career Jake – himself a former player for a AA team in Duluth – has followed for years. It doesn’t turn into much of a mystery, because there aren’t many suspects, but a race to find the missing, and innocent, home run king before he gets strung up by an angry mob.

That’s all from Bora-Gora for now, but we’ll be back for the second half of Tales of the Gold Monkey in May. Stay tuned!

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