Tales of the Gold Monkey 1.8 – Honor Thy Brother

I’ve often said that while I really, genuinely and sincerely do not like dogs, I can put up with three: Uga, Snoopy, and K9. I’m going to have to add Jack from Tales of the Gold Monkey. He steals this show every week and of course our son just adores him. There’s a running gag that Jake is looking out for his dog’s missing eye. It’s made from opal and sapphire and in the pilot film, Jake lost it – not, apparently, for the first time – in a poker game. This time, they come achingly close to getting it back for good, but of course all hearts are broken in the end.

The rest of the episode is pretty aggravating. Soon-Tek Oh guest stars as a zero pilot with a score to settle with Jake, but the machinations that he employs to force Jake into a trial by combat involve getting Corky married to — and I’ll be blunt, because this is where the episode goes for “humor” — a fat chick. I mean, that’s the level of the comedy: she’s fat and eats a lot and immediately starts crying when Corky says he doesn’t want to be married to her, so they shove more food at her. Bringing her back to her father brings our heroes right into the fighter pilot’s trap.

We paused the show literally in the middle of a fat joke to point out to our son that this precise scenario could have played out with any actress and no stupid jokes about eating everything simply because Corky doesn’t want to get married to anybody. There was a lot of this going around in the media of 1982. I’d like to hope that we’re a little better now.

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