Jack of All Trades 1.11 – Love Potion No. 10

A couple of nights ago, I happened to notice that episode 13 of this show didn’t sound even remotely child-friendly. Apparently the Marquis de Sade has a nearby pleasure island. I checked it out overnight and scrubbed that one off the to-do list.

If I had any sense, I would’ve looked over the rest of the series and left this one on the shelf as well. The grownups enjoyed it when we weren’t cringing. It introduces Ingrid Park as the governor’s wife, but sadly the flames of passion have long left their marriage and she only has eyes for the heroic Dragoon. Jack and Emilia have to kickstart their smooching – it’s an incredibly useful word when you have a kid in the house – but end up dosing themselves with Emilia’s Spanish fly extract, so they only have eyes for each other. Maybe an evening rendezvous in the local cathouse, with the governor in the Dragoon’s costume, might help?

Well, a couple of moments sailed pretty close to the edge, but a lot of it was left unspoken and the kid had his head under a blanket for much of it anyways. At least episodes 12 and 14 don’t sound too risque…

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