Jack of All Trades 1.10 – Dead Woman Walking

Our viewing schedule’s going to have a minor interruption this weekend, so we doubled up tonight. First up, a completely hilarious episode of Jack of All Trades that was written by Hilary J. Bader, who wrote for a lot of adventure shows around this time. This time, Emilia perfects a concoction that puts people into a temporary death-like coma and drinks it herself so she can catch a graverobber who works out of Pulau Pulau’s mausoleum. Then the governor sends her to be cremated. The anachronistic gags were all terrific, and since our son is at the age where zombie apocalypses are the coolest things ever, the sight of Angela Dotchin pretending to be one of the undead to scare the bad guy into going straight had him in stitches.

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