Tales of the Gold Monkey 1.5 – Escape from Death Island

Our son observed that Corky has “an interesting character trait. He only remembers things when he has a fever!” He’s right; that is a cute quirk.

Afraid this was the second hour of TV that we watched today that I didn’t enjoy very much. There’s a MacGyver about a hell-prison run by corrupt officials that we suffered through a couple of years ago and I immediately rolled my eyes when I realized this was going to the same place. The MacGyver episode has a solitary-confinement-death-trap called the Box. This one has the same roasting-in-the-hot-sun deal called the Oven. I don’t know much of anything about the genre of hell-prison movies – not even that one with Sid Haig and Pam Grier that I’m sure to enjoy when nobody’s watching – but I’m betting most of them have Boxes or Ovens.

There was a familiar name in the guest credits. “Hey, Mickey Morton,” I said. “Who’s he?” our son asked. “He’ll be the the big guy,” I said. And indeed he was. That brought to mind another, much, much better episode of MacGyver, “The Secret of Parker House,” when I spotted Ray Young in the credits and waited for the big guy.

2 thoughts on “Tales of the Gold Monkey 1.5 – Escape from Death Island

  1. Have you ever watched “Bridge on the River Kwai” from 1957? I bet that’s ground zero for the “locked in an iron box at the hell prison” trope… maybe not the first time it was ever done, but probably what was in everyone’s mind in the MacGyver/Golden Monkey writers’ rooms. of course, it was Alec Guinness locked in the box, so it totally works…

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