Jack of All Trades 1.8 – One Wedding and an Execution

My “please don’t be a terrible parent” alarm always gives off a small squawk or two when we hit a double entendre in this series, and I reason that it’ll be okay because our son is still young enough to have no idea what they’re talking about. Then this episode happens. Napoleon has blackmailed Emilia into marrying him and Jack decides to save the day. One of his schemes involves hiring strippers for the emperor’s bachelor party. Kid’s not going to be young enough for much longer if they pull more shenanigans like that.

Mercifully the rest of the story was more in line with what a third grader wants to see on television: Bruce Campbell dragged up as Emilia’s hideous mother and Verne Troyer being lifted about twelve inches by his farts. Third graders love fart jokes. Anybody who tells you different is lying. Oh, and Troyer’s reveal in the pre-credits sequence is probably the best gag in the episode. It’s usually a shame to lead with your best material, but that was extremely funny.

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