Jack of All Trades 1.6 – Raging Bully

Tonight’s episode of Jack of All Trades introduces another recurring villain. Tonight we meet the Emperor Napoleon, who is, perhaps inevitably, played by Verne Troyer. He was kind of instantly omnipresent in media twenty years ago, and I wasn’t surprised to read he was going to show up here. It also has one of my favorite gags in the show so far, as Jack gets so sick of the bad-tempered pest that he starts planning his assassination, needing only a grassy knoll and a textbook warehouse.

Our son had a visit from the Giggle Fairy or something earlier this evening, so this goofball episode was just heaven on earth. At one point, Jack remembers the old “imagine everybody in the room in their underwear” trick, leaving Napoleon standing on a card table in polka-dotted long johns and I’m not sure the kid was even conscious of anything that happened next because he was laughing so much.

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