Stargate SG-1 1.5 – The First Commandment

Among the episodes we’re skipping is one I’ve never seen. The fourth hour is called “Emancipation,” and it’s so infamously lousy that Marie forbade me to watch it when we looked at every other SG-1 and Atlantis episode once upon a time. She said “If you watch that episode, you’ll refuse to ever watch another.” Astonishingly, ten years previously, the same writer penned the fourth hour of Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is apparently just as infamous as the worst episode of that series.

This is the one where Carter’s former flame, the leader of SG-9, loses his mind on a mission and declares himself god to a primitive people. It’s also lousy, but our son enjoyed the bit where the “god” has a temper tantrum because some alien tech won’t work the way he plans, undermining his claim to infallibility, and also when Teal’c attempts to smile and only looks even more threatening. The best line of the hour is when O’Neill says “We need to work on that” in response to his hideous grimace.

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