Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2.1 – Whatever Possessed You

And now back to the fall of 2001, and the second series of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). I was looking forward to this evening’s show so much that I got Vic Reeves’ performance of “Don’t Put Your Daughter on the Stage Mrs. Worthington” stuck in my head earlier today, and the episode didn’t disappoint. “Whatever Possessed You,” co-written by Charlie Higson and Gareth Roberts, has Jeff and Jeannie hired to see whether there’s any connection between several mysterious deaths at a remote hotel. It’s been several months since Marty made such an idiot out of himself that he had to wipe Jeff’s memory of him. But with his connection to the living world getting weaker as a result, Marty has to restore Jeff’s memory and hope it’s been long enough that Jeff will forgive him. Must’ve been; Jeff never mentions it.

The strange deaths at the hotel have also attracted some ghosthunters and a tabloid hack looking for a last great story, and there are at least two known spirits at work around room 318. They seem to have murder in mind… but what do they really want, and why have they been refusing to cross over for half a century? Unfortunately, one of the spirits is more than a match for Marty. All he’s learned to do in the last several months is learn how to shrink shoes. Don’t knock it; it comes in handy.

Our son absolutely loved this. He guffawed almost all the way through it, particularly when the shoes were mentioned, or Marty’s equally daft idea for an anti-barnacle paint. Jeannie gets possessed by the creepy faceless woman ghost and seduces Jeff as part of her plan, and the kid was having such a ball that he didn’t even complain about the smooching.

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