Legend 1.7 – The Gospel According to Legend

I enjoyed the heck out of this one, and not only because Bartok invents a freeze gun in it. In “The Gospel According to Legend,” a traveling preacher played by guest star Robert Englund comes to Sheridan, but Pratt recognizes him as a con artist from San Francisco who had been locked up in Alcatraz, convicted of embezzlement. Our hero’s ready for conflict, but the preacher doesn’t even pass a collection plate around. Apart from grumbling about Bartok, because he’s a scientist, the guy seems on the level. It’s not like hearing a preacher warn against the dangers of science is anything new or unusual, so what’s his game? It all kept me guessing for most of the adventure.

And it gave us a great opportunity to have a chat with our son about people who claim God’s always on their side afterward, especially the ones who don’t like what science might be telling them. He replied how we have to watch out for people like that in TV shows like this, and sadly we had to tell him that this is a conversation that more people in the real world need to have about everybody.

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