The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.21 – Ned Zed

In tonight’s episode, perhaps inevitably, Brisco gets captured and tied up in a sawmill. And our son absolutely loved it. He was so excited that he could barely keep still. What a difference a few years makes. We watched the Riddler tie up Robin in a similar deathtrap four years back and it scared the pants off our son.

Strangely, this episode is a flashback to a case somewhere between this series’ first and second episodes, with a Princess Bride framing sequence of a dad reading his son a dime novel of one of Brisco’s “classic” adventures. I think it’s odd that they’d skip back to a story from the show’s original setup right after introducing a new format. Our son loved the whole adventure and its two goofball criminals, but one gag that landed with a bullseye was using the spoken chapter titles from the dime novel as the onscreen titles for the episode.

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