Batwoman 1.2 – The Rabbit Hole

I’m pretty sure that we must be missing a really mammoth part of Alice’s “origin story.” Why the heck does she think that Kate and their father stopped looking for her? Where was she, spending the lion’s share of fifteen years thinking she had been abandoned, when all she had to do was find a cop and ask for help… unless somebody prevented her from getting any?

I mentioned the Mad Hatter last week, half-joking that it would be a delightful surprise twist to have that villain turn up. But what if he already had? What if Alice had been “rescued” by the Hatter and brainwashed? That would explain the Wonderland shtick, I suppose.

Favorite scene this week: Sophie telling Kate to move on. I think it’s been maybe five or six years since the military academy? Kate’s been carrying that torch way too long.

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