The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.10 – Showdown

There’s a great little in-joke in tonight’s story that references how two of Brisco‘s writers, Brad Kern and John McNamara, were always racing to see who could finish scripts faster. The turnaround time on this show must have been brutal, but the scripts were always delightful and witty. Even in an hour with a much more conventional western plot like this one – childhood sweetheart, alcoholic sheriff dad, evil rancher throwing his weight around and deciding his sons are above the law – there’s room for lots of gags and puns. Lord Bowler invents Dunkin Donuts and a mean gunslinger named Utah Johnny Montana comes from Idaho.

The childhood sweetheart is named Annie, meaning of course that she is told at one point to get her gun. This was a fairly early role for Jessica Tuck, who has appeared at least once in just about everything made for American television in the last thirty years, and was a regular in CBS’s Judging Amy for six seasons. There are lots of scraps and plenty of action in this hour to keep our son interested, but Brisco and Annie also find far too many opportunities for smooching. “UGH,” he said from under his blanket more than once.

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