The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries 2.8 – Strange Fate of Flight 608

There is a whole lot about the Hardy Boys’ Bermuda Triangle adventure that’s incredibly familiar. And yes, of course there’s a Bermuda Triangle adventure, because this was made in 1977. The episode starts with a little bit of footage from season one’s “Wipe Out,” to remind us that this is the Hardy Boys we’re watching, before we spend several minutes with these two characters in the picture above.

That’s Herbie Braha on the left, and Thayer David, in one of his final roles, on the right. While this isn’t a Maltese Falcon story, look at how they look and how they’re dressed and try telling me they’re not meant to evoke Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet! I love this! I really enjoy stumbling across Thayer David in old TV shows, because he got to play Nero Wolfe in a pilot for ABC shortly after he made this. The network passed on the show, and finally screened the movie a year and a half after the actor had died.

But what really struck me as familiar was when the Trans-Pacific Airlines jumbo jet, inevitably, goes down in the Bermuda Triangle. I popped in a Six Million Dollar Man disk to confirm my thoughts. We’d seen all the business with the airplane flying through a storm at night and number four engine catching fire and the extinguisher not working in both the Six episode “Survival of the Fittest” and its remake, the Bionic Woman story “Fly Jaime.”

I dug around and it appears that the footage originally came from a 1970 Universal TV movie called Lost Flight that starred Lloyd Bridges and Anne Francis, wherein a Trans-Pacific jet crash-lands and the survivors wash up on some kinda tropical island someplace, like Stan Ridgway sang about. Who knew that Universal had its own version of the ITC white Jaguar? Never board a Trans-Pacific flight, teevee action heroes, because that plane is definitely going down!

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