The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.9 – Brisco for the Defense

I had no idea that Tony Jay, who plays the judge in this courtroom story, had such an incredibly long resume of voice acting. It seems like whenever he wasn’t before the camera in the 1990s, he was voicing cartoons for Nickelodeon and Fox Kids. I also had no idea that was John Bellucci playing the prosecutor, but him I know exclusively from cartoons. He had been the voice of the hero, Derek Wildstar, in the third season of Star Blazers, the season that Atlanta’s WANX never bought and we didn’t see for years and years until we were older and copies from a city that did buy it entered the tape trading circuit.

Anyway, “Brisco for the Defense” was co-written by John McNamara and David Simkins and I’ve always really enjoyed it, despite the very anachronistic haircut that Brisco’s old college buddy wears. I do love the excuse that they’re holding court in the town saloon while the courthouse paint is drying. This was a really expensive program to make, and I don’t begrudge them saving a few bucks on a set.

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