The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries 2.7 – The Creatures Who Came on Sunday

It’s the second time that Frank and Joe have been buzzed by a fake flying saucer, but this season’s story about supposed little green men is much better than the earlier one. In part because the damsel in distress this week is wound really tightly and is very upset about her missing boyfriend who nobody in town seems to know anything about, and in part because there are two well-dressed thugs pretending to be government agents warning everybody off the scent of either aliens or the boyfriend, this one kept me guessing for a really good while. And it built to a climax where Joe has to tackle a gunman, knowing that if he succeeds, Frank, who’s held hostage, might be killed. Our son got extremely worried by this moment of jeopardy and hid.

One of the main guest stars this week is John Quade, who Glen A. Larson called on fairly regularly in the period. He’s in that superlative Buck Rogers story “The Plot to Kill a City” as one of the villains, and also appeared in some other Larson shows like Galactica 1980, B.J. & the Bear, McCloud, Switch, The Fall Guy, and Quincy. Always nice to see a producer keeping a reliable actor’s number handy for meaty roles.

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