The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.8 – Senior Spirit

Funny that this episode should pop up while we’re watching Randall and Hopkirk every third night. R. Lee Ermey, after his small part in the pilot as Brisco’s father, returns tonight as a ghost. Sadly, they didn’t have him say “Only you can see me, Brisco! Only you!” Also returning this time out: John Astin and Billy Drago, and in her third and final appearance as the Horseshoe Club’s owner Ellie, Yvette Nipar. Darn, they should’ve kept her around. Jason Marsden, who had joined Astin for the final six episodes of Eerie Indiana a couple of years previously, gets to play John Bly’s hostage in this one.

The episode is written by John McNamara, who’d later work extensively on Lois & Clark, Spy Game, Aquarius, and most recently The Magicians. It establishes that there are – or were – three Orbs, that John Bly knows a heck of a lot about them, and that Lord Bowler is so mean that even rattlesnakes turn tail rather than face him. That moment was our son’s favorite. He said that this episode was great, but once again it failed to measure up to the one with the tank. As much as he’s enjoying the show, Marie suggested that there might need to be an episode with two tanks to make him stop offering the comparison.

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