The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. 1.7 – Pirates!

Tonight’s episode features Andrew Divoff as the villainous Blackbeard Lacutte, a ruthless pirate who, lacking a ship, has a gang of bloodthirsty cutthroats sailing the Jolly Roger from an ironclad stagecoach in Nevada. I looked up his credits on IMDB, and seven years later, Divoff played another character called Blackbeard in a Nash Bridges episode called “Land Pirates.” Now that’s typecasting.

Our son was kind of unhappy with this one for a good while. Blackbeard holds the upper hand for much longer than he’d like, but it has a pretty excellent conclusion and a fine swordfight, so he came around in the end. We also got to talk about quicksand, because what better way for a pirate to dispose of troublesome heroes when he doesn’t have a plank for them to walk? I really enjoyed how the villain has an able-bodied sketch artist at hand to commemorate all his dastardly pirate deeds, which gave the episode its only real laugh for me. It’s a good episode, but not as funny as Brisco at its best; the balance isn’t quite right.

In other casting notes, because I just love looking at these, “Pirates!” also features Yvette Nipar in her second appearance as Ellie, and Adam Wylie got to take a break from CBS’s Picket Fences as a sick kid. The kid’s mom is played by Janel Moloney, who Marie recognized from The West Wing.

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