Doctor Who: More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS

As chances to remeet old friends go, “More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS” is just about unbeatable. It’s ninety minutes made with love and affection and silliness. Honestly, every TV show should have a documentary this good. It does seem a little unfair that after all the fun moments and memories, our son’s principal takeaway was that he now wants some Dalek soap just like kids in the sixties could have, and four or five of those PVC Dalek playsuits that used to get young Toyah Wilcox so excited, so that he and his friends can wear them to school and exterminate the teacher.

My main takeaway was to wonder why, in 1968, Terry Nation was living in what looks like the villains’ stately home from one of the ITC shows that Nation was writing, which reminds me, we should probably cycle something back into the rotation this week…

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