Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time

For Doctor Who‘s 30th anniversary, the five surviving Doctors, along with a gaggle of companions, a bunch of fans in monster costumes, and several actors taking a breather from EastEnders' busy production schedule spent twelve minutes walking and talking around the EastEnders “Albert Square” backlot with lots of objects in the foreground. This was shown as two very short 3-D episodes to raise money for a charity called Children in Need. It was made so people in the audience, like our son, could go “A Cyberman! Fifi! K9!” and send some money. (I made a donation via a British fan in 1994, so I figure I’m good for having a VHS bootleg back then and showing it to our son on YouTube this morning.) Although honestly, I thought, then as now, that the real entertainment was having Jon Pertwee show up on the set of the variety show Noel’s House Party to introduce episode one.

Everybody who appeared in or worked on “Dimensions in Time” did so without compensation, donating their time for charity, with the contractual understanding that the show would never be repeated or commercially exploited. It is a shame that this can therefore never be added as a bonus feature to any future DVD or Blu-ray release. Fortunately, every subsequent time that Doctor Who materialized for Children in Need or Comic Relief, they had home video in mind when the contracts were signed!

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