Good Omens 1.5 – The Doomsday Option

Another short entry tonight. I wanted to note that I’ve always liked the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – the ones from The Young Ones are the best – and these are a fine addition to the film and TV depictions of the quartet. Interestingly, Pestilence has been replaced by one called Pollution, in much the same way that Delirium replaced Delight in Gaiman’s Sandman comics.

It’s an entertaining story where friendship wins out over very stupid decisions, and where Crowley’s lovely Bentley catches fire and the flames, strangely, don’t go out. This builds to one of the most hilarious climaxes ever, which had all three of us roaring with laughter, and then four eleven year-old kids on bicycles steal the gag right out from under David Tennant. Neat trick! Who thought the end of the world could be this fun?

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