The Champions 1.25 – Desert Journey

Any hour of television that guest stars both Roger Delgado and Jeremy Brett can’t be all bad, but honestly, seeing these two fine actors is the best thing about “Desert Journey.” The story is set in a Nosuchlandia in North Africa and appears to reuse the set from “Happening,” with the “Joe’s Place” building redressed as an Australian oil company depot. Recognizing good actors and props is just about all the interest I could muster in this one.


One thought on “The Champions 1.25 – Desert Journey

  1. Nowadays (2020s) they seem to omit this episode when rescreening the shows in the UK.

    Perhaps the capricious portrayal of Arabs &/or Bedouins is seen as more contentious than that of all the other baddies of the week e.g. Chinese, South Americans, Nazi Germans etc etc…

    It can’t be the sexist deployment of Sharon McCready, as that seems to persist throughout the run.

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