The Champions 1.13 – Twelve Hours

So that’s Mike Pratt in the photo above with William Gaunt. I told our son that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mike Pratt starting in a little less than a month, hint hint.

“Twelve Hours,” written by Donald James, takes place on a crippled submarine that’s running out of oxygen. The boat was sabotaged in order to kill off a visiting head of state who’s on board. It’s mostly a skeleton crew of civilian engineers, and tensions are running high because the pumping would rock the submarine, and it needs to stay perfectly still so that Sharron can operate on the grievously wounded president.

This one required a lot of interruptions to explain everything from naval terminology to “the bends” to a scene where the engineers draw for the ace of spades to select a killer to end the operation so they can get to work. Not a lot of action for our favorite seven year-old critic to chew on, but they built a gloriously good set for the submarine, which Wikipedia tells me we’ll see again a couple of times.

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