Barbary Coast 1.10 – Sharks Eat Sharks

So this morning’s episode of Barbary Coast featured Bernard Fox playing an Irishman, and Henry Gibson playing an Englishman. I wonder whether Gibson asked Fox for a pointer or two to get his mockney mobster accent right.

Happily, at last, our son really enjoyed an episode of this show, volunteering “that was great!” at the end of it. The plot was still just a shade more complex than he could tackle by himself, but we caught him up pretty easily. The Barbary Coast is having one problem with a protection ring and another problem with a pair of con artists soaking suckers for shares in a diamond mine, and our heroes decide to sic these two opposing forces on each other. It’s actually a very, very clever plot and really amusing, and it also has enough dopey kid-friendly slapstick to keep our kid happy. At one point, shown above, one of Gibson’s henchmen gets stuck in a barrel and can’t get out, and of course the climax sees all the bad guys dunked in the harbor.

I had wondered the other day whether we were going to see a fourth red-haired dealer at the Golden Gate, and the answer, amazingly, is yes. Brooke Mills has blink-and-miss-her appearances in episodes 7 and 9 as a character called Rusty. She has a few more lines in this, her third and last episode. This is so odd. I wonder why they couldn’t find a single actress to commit to a regular part, and why they kept giving what’s effectively the same character different names.

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