Barbary Coast 1.8 – An Iron-Clad Plan

Well, how nice! Last month, when we watched episode six of Barbary Coast, I noted that Francine York had a blink-and-miss-it part as one of Cash Conover’s employees, and hoped she’d have more to do in her next outing. Indeed she does. York and Aldine King are both critical to tonight’s mission as inside agents while Jeff Cable orchestrates the theft of some stolen submarine plans from a local bigshot criminal.

Obviously, Barbary Coast didn’t last long enough to develop a semi-regular supporting cast, but I do think there was a missed opportunity here to keep York and King along for undercover work when needed. York basically plays the same role – if not strictly the same character, you understand – as Bobbi Jordan and Sherry Jackson in the first three stories. If a fourth red-haired actress turns up in any of the next episodes as a different dealer in the casino, I’m going to have something to say about it.

On the other hand, our son wasn’t thrilled to see this returning to the lineup after its short break, and he just sat stone-faced as it played out. There wasn’t even a fight scene this time, and I was probably more amused to see Severn Darden turn up in a small role than he was when the sound of an alley cat conveniently convinces the bad guy that there wasn’t any nefarious noise in the alley behind his house. He might need a brawl and an explosion next time, so fingers crossed.

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