Barbary Coast 1.7 – Sauce for the Goose

The poker aspect of Barbary Coast is a little less prominent in most of the episodes than this one, which is why this had our son utterly lost. “Sauce for the Goose” guest stars Joseph Campanella as a filthy rich mover-n-shaker with hooks in every politician in northern California, and Burr DeBenning as his main henchman. He and Cash lock horns at a poker match when the baddie tries cheating and Cash, too slick for him, cheats him right back. But the governor wants the baddie’s little green book, which details all his hooks, and so they execute a very amusing con game. It involves Jeff disguised as a gypsy, because it turns out the baddie is even more superstitious than Cash. And there are runaway horses, dynamite, and a “bug” trap under a poker table that’s meant to be uncovered.

I thought this was terrific fun, a great story of cheating a cheater with very high stakes. It’s a great sting that was sadly lost on our son, even with three pauses to explain the plot. He liked the fight in Cash’s casino about ten minutes in, and it was all downhill from there for him!

We’ll give our poor kid a break and return Barbary Coast to the shelf for a few weeks to keep things fresh, but we’ll look at the final six episodes in April, so stay tuned!


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