The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries 1.2 – The Mystery of Pirate’s Cove

Tonight, we checked out the other component of this cute series. Pamela Sue Martin starred as Nancy Drew, with William Schallert as her father Carson, and Jean Rasey as her best friend George. George O’Hanlon Jr. plays Ned Nickerson, who is very unlike the jock boyfriend character from the books. Because this program was a very chaste 7 pm show, the Ned here is a paralegal who works for Carson Drew and who has an unrequited crush on Nancy.

But enough about Ned, because this is Nancy’s show and I enjoyed this much more than I did the first Hardy Boys installment the other night. I’m sure both programs will have their ups and downs, but this was a fun and amusing little mystery around an old, decrepit lighthouse and a professor of parapsychology who really wants to buy it. There are spooky caves that smugglers might have once used, and a possible haunting, and lots of terrific location filming. Monte Markham guest stars at the professor, who might be up to no good. Pamela Sue Martin is great as Nancy, and I like how she uses intelligence and reasoning to figure out what’s happening in a mostly believable way. I think she took a couple of giant leaps right past me once George comes back from New York with a final clue, but why quibble?

Aside from just being a very entertaining hour, this also gave us the chance to remind our son about the foolishness of get rich quick schemes. William Schallert mentions how in a gold rush, the only person guaranteed to get rich is the guy selling pickaxes and shovels. Seems to me that lots of people could stand to be reminded of that!

3 thoughts on “The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries 1.2 – The Mystery of Pirate’s Cove

  1. I preferred Nancy Drew to Joe and Frank but loved the series overall. It was one of my favorites. I wish there had been more crossovers. I agree. Nancy’s stories were got worse over the course of the series. Still love the opening theme song. Both opens (season 1 & 2) are classic. So clever and appropriate to update the real book covers with the actors.

    1. Thanks for all the comments! I didn’t remember very much about this show from my childhood, but I certainly remembered the theme song. I also remember the much shorter variant of it that they’d play in the mid-show commercial break.

  2. Also, the background music in the opening dance floor scene was different in the VHS release. I distinctly remember a faster, instrumental version of Chicago’s If You Leave Me Now being played while Nancy is dancing. I assume they couldn’t get the publishing rights or didn’t want to pay for them in the DVD release.

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