Sapphire & Steel 4.3 and 4.4

I love, love, love Steel’s admonition to the human, Liz, at the end of this story. He tells her to find every photograph ever taken of her, burn them, and never have another taken. Should the “shape” ever escape, that’s how he’ll get back at her. He’ll be the one to burn the pictures, only he’ll kill her when he does that.

Sapphire and Steel have some limited power to predict the future, but clearly they weren’t to know that digital photography was just a few years in the future, and that pictures would one day exist that aren’t made of paper. I wonder whether the creature can get around inside our Facebooks. Maybe that’s the reason I genuinely loathe having my picture taken. It might be because I have always hated my appearance, and hate being reminded that I can’t stop gaining weight, but it also might be because there’s a “shape” inside pictures waiting to strike.

Our son did not enjoy this one, which isn’t too surprising. This was far too freaky, and the shocking death of Ruth, burned alive at the amazing cliffhanger end to part three, really is horrifying. It got him wondering how many photos of him there are. Possibly as many as a hundred and two!

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