Eerie, Indiana 1.3 – The ATM With the Heart of Gold

Our son is loving this show, and tells us that every episode is better than the previous one. He particularly loved this installment, in which an ATM with an interface that’s somewhere between Max Headroom and Steve Urkel gives all the money from every account in the Eerie Savings & Loan as a gift to his “friend,” Simon, which causes instant bankruptcy for everybody in town. The episode actually makes a passing reference to the then-ongoing Savings and Loan Crisis, but Eerie’s so weird that not even the FDIC will insure the bank’s depositors.

This episode is the first one to visit Eerie’s general store and soda fountain, the World o’ Stuff, and introduces a recurring character, the shop’s proprietor Mr. Radford, played by Archie Hahn. Or at least we think he’s Mr. Radford. He might be in the witness protection program… or he might be something even stranger.

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