One thought on “Doctor Who: Warriors of the Deep (parts three and four)

  1. Someone once referred to this story as “Warriors on the Cheap” 🙂

    I’m not sure who is to blame for this debacle. Johnny Bryne reportedly envisioned this story taking place in a dark, broken-down, claustrophobic undersea base, and he was understandably disappointed to find that it was instead recorded on large, overlit, cheap-looking sets. I don’t know if this story would have been better if it had been done that way. You would still have the Silurians (or whatever we’re supposed to call them) showing up and looking silly and referencing events that never actually took place.

    In retrospect, this is one of those stories that shows Eric Saward was taking the show in much too depressing & violent a direction. The Fifth Doctor is largely ineffectual, nearly all of the characters are unlikable @$$holes, and pretty much everyone is dead by the end of the fourth episode.

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