Buck Rogers 1.21 – Space Rockers

This wasn’t guest star Jerry Orbach’s finest hour. In a moment of television about as clued-in as that punk rock installment of Quincy, Orbach plays the manager of the galaxy’s biggest rock band. The group, Andromeda, plays music that sounds precisely like the tunes warbled by the robot MAMMA, Dudley Moore’s Music and Mood Management Apparatus, from that episode of The Muppet Show*.

Do I sound cynical? Well, our son thought this was the best thing ever and danced all the way through it, so never mind me!



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4 responses to “Buck Rogers 1.21 – Space Rockers

  1. *Hat tip to friend-of-the-blog Matt C. for reminding me of Moore’s robot’s name.

    “It don’t swing if it’s played by a thing!” – Dr. Teeth

    • Matt Ceccato

      Credit also due to my wife, Kelley, who knew what M.A.M.M.A. stood for without consulting any Muppet reference materials whatsoever.

  2. That annoying song got stuck in my head for a while after watching this.

    • I was afraid that would happen to me. Then I looked at the Muppet Show episode to get Dr. Teeth’s quote right and I’ve heard MAMMA’s squawking for the last 22 hours instead…

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