Buck Rogers 1.18 – Twiki is Missing

And while we’re on the subject of turkeys, here’s “Twiki is Missing.” The main guest star is actress Eddie Benton, and she’s the best thing about this hour, just like she was the best thing about the dopey 1979 movie The Shape of Things to Come.

But for a second opinion, our favorite seven year-old critic completely loved this adventure, which is built around a crime boss wanting to steal Twiki because he’s heard the gossip that the little robot “ambuquad” has developed imagination. It’s really one action scene after another, with space rescues, fistfights, and lots of running up and down lots of corridors. He was very emphatic that he liked this one much, much more than “Ardala Returns”, singling out a moment where Twiki topples a convenient stack of crates on top of a gunman.

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