Doctor Who: Time-Flight (parts three and four)

I’m reasonably sure our son’s the only person to ever be thrilled by “Time-Flight.” He thought this one was fantastic, and really loved the Concorde’s unlikely takeoff from a barren prehistoric plain. I was reminded that he was also thrilled by that episode of MacGyver where our hero gets a plane airborne under very implausible conditions.

I’m not going to kick “Time-Flight” any more than I did last time. Watching it wasn’t fun, and reliving it isn’t either. Our kid liked it a lot, and that’s what matters. He enjoyed wrapping his brain around the idea that the missing Concorde wasn’t actually salvageable (like one of the characters joked) after 140 million years. He got to sneer the Master a little and be surprised by the out-of-the-blue ending. It’s a win in his book.

I really think this ending was a huge missed opportunity. The producer intended the scene of Tegan realizing the Doctor has dropped her back in London without a goodbye as a cliffhanger, but it sure doesn’t come across that way. There’s barely any buildup, and no sense that this was a big moment. It doesn’t feel like the end of the season. It doesn’t even feel like the end of the story!

But what if they had swapped “Time-Flight” with “Earthshock” and dropped Tegan off one story early? It’s not like she and Nyssa are really both required for the story of “Earthshock” anyway. You get “Time-Flight” with Adric and “Earthshock” without Tegan, and then you get Adric’s death and the silent credits as your season finale. Wouldn’t that have been interesting?


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