Buck Rogers 1.9 – Unchained Woman

Once again, a not-too-bad episode of this show gets a title so lurid it’s downright embarrassing. Guest star Jamie Lee Curtis is the unchained woman in question, because Buck breaks her out of a prison. It’s not a tawdry seventies exploitation prison as seen in some skeezy Filipino-made movie; it’s a perfectly civilized prison where everybody keeps their clothes on and are overseen by android guards.

Because 25th Century Earth is, as I’ve mentioned, 1970s America, Buck’s in the prison break business because the planet Zeta refuses to comply with Earth’s demands that they extradite Curtis’s character. That means Dr. Huer has no choice but to blow up their prison and release all the convicts. Zeta made him do it.

Despite the very questionable politics, it’s not bad. Our son loved the prison break and I enjoyed the android who pursues Buck across the desert to a small frontier town. He makes a rather grand entrance when everybody’s having a standoff with guns drawn, as though a menace from the earlier part of the story is telling the narrative that his role isn’t finished yet, no matter how much the other characters are ready to move on.

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