Buck Rogers 1.8 – Return of the Fighting 69th

It must be so nice to be at that age where all special effects are equally amazing. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century looked remarkable in its day, but time and technology have left it behind to the jaded and cynical eyes of grownups. But our son, despite enjoying a Marvel movie and the first episode of Jodie Whittaker’s run on Doctor Who – we liked it! – earlier today, still appreciated this as though it was still state-of-the-art.

He reports that he really likes the “space explosions,” and explained it this way: “It always looks like a new star is being made, and then there’s a whoosh and a bang and then it’s not there anymore! Then it suddenly disappears and it’s so cool.” So my hat’s off to the visual effects wizards of thirty-nine years ago. Their work is still able to thrill the young and the young at heart.

The principal guest star this week is Peter Graves, and I amused myself by realizing that his put-out-to-pasture squadron of space marines has the same demographic makeup as the classic Mission: Impossible force, even down to the married couple. Okay, so Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter don’t appear to have been married, but the actors who played them were. That had to be deliberate!

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