MacGyver 4.15 – Gold Rush

I picked today’s episode because one of the guest stars is Walter Gotell, who appeared as the Soviet General Gogol opposite Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton in six of the James Bond films of the seventies and eighties. It’s a good treasure hunt adventure story, and an amusingly well-timed one. Our heroes are up in the Arctic Circle looking for a crate of gold bars that went down on a Soviet airplane in 1944, and the survivors of the crash rigged up their ice cave with the same sort of traps that we watched Indiana Jones navigate around when we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark just a week ago!

Our son really enjoyed this story, which features a couple of very fun impromptu gadgets, a runaway ice sled, C4 explosives, and some creepy frozen corpses. Because I’m a jerk, I grumbled a little inside because neither the tree-filled location nor the one-step-above Land of the Lost ice caves really fooled me into believing this was really the Arctic Circle, but credit where it’s due: this was an honestly entertaining episode of the show, certainly better than the average. Unfortunately, this was writer David Engelbach’s only MacGyver credit, and it looks like he retired to teach screenwriting after this. That’s a shame. With this as a calling card, plenty of early ’90s adventure shows should have been proud to offer him a staff writing job.

6 thoughts on “MacGyver 4.15 – Gold Rush

      1. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m a little surprised that MacGyver didn’t have more international guest stars than we’ve seen. There were a few (Christopher Neame, Judy Geeson), but more known names from other countries couldn’t have hurt foreign sales any.

      2. Longtime MacGyver fan here, suffering through your blog posts with good grace. I have always thought that the biggest missed opportunity in MacGyver was not having a few more semi-regular semi-retired agents in the Phoenix Foundation, played by actors who had played spies in older TV shows and movies. Once or twice a season – during sweeps month? – they could have had MacGyver get a little help from Rollin Hand and Cinnamon Carter from Mission: Impossible, or maybe even John Steed?

        I’m sure they couldn’t get the rights, but maybe have George Lazenby as a retired British agent?

      3. I like that! This was the year that the new made-in-Australia Mission: Impossible season went on the air, and it did a story with Greg Morris as Barney. The IMF should have reactivated Barney and the Phoenix Foundation worked with them to get some special electronics tinkering.

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