The Avengers 7.5 – False Witness

I enjoyed Jeremy Burnham’s “False Witness” much, much more tonight than I had previously. This might be because it was fun watching our son figure out that there was something in the milk. I’ve always thought it had a few good points in its favor, including some gorgeous location filming, a fun appearance by John Bennett as one of the villains, one of Mother’s most amusing traveling offices – a double-decker bus with an ad for “Mother’s Day” on the side” – and a delicious scene where Steed drives a suspected traitor out into some forest, orders him to get out and follow him, and then turns and gives the fellow one of the most beautiful punches ever thrown on TV. Still, it somehow never became a favorite.

Our son, however, had a ball. This story is perfect for seven year-olds. He was racing to figure out the clues the show presented, which certainly wouldn’t trouble any grown-ups watching. He knew that something was going on with the milk delivered by Dreemykreem Dairies, but couldn’t decide whether the milk was conventional poison or if it was going to explode. Finally he realized “It makes you lie!” and that was the most fun thing ever. Maybe that’s the “problem” with the episode. We’re all too old to enjoy what a delightful idea that is.



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2 responses to “The Avengers 7.5 – False Witness

  1. Kay Southern

    I love all the Avengers ladies! I’m glad you’re giving the Tara King stories a fair shake because lots of people just don’t watch them.

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