Agent Carter 2.3 – Better Angels

I am really enjoying Wynn Everett’s portrayal of the actress Whitney Frost. We learn this time out that this is just her stage name. She’s interested in the zero matter because she’s actually a scientist and had done some important intelligence work for the Allies. So she’s frightened by what the zero matter is doing to her body, but also curious.

I also like the occasional reminders that life was a lot less complicated in 1947. This time out, Chad Michael Murray’s character flies out to Los Angeles to complicate the plot. He has to catch a flight back, but he still has an hour before takeoff, so he can visit a social club where all the industrialist and political villains gather and have a drink first. Remember having that much time to kill before all the security precautions? I normally don’t have any time for “good ole days” nostalgia, but I can get behind going back to that.

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