Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon (parts three and four)

I owe “Death to the Daleks” an apology. This one’s worse.

The kid really enjoyed it, though. He got a little frustrated during episode three, because he couldn’t understand what the Nimon was planning. I think it’s more that he thought the show had explained all the details and he missed them. Reassured that none of us knew what the silly minotaur-dude was planning, he settled back in and had a ball. He thought it was very exciting and loved the gunfights in episode four. Of course, it ends with a big explosion, and those are always satisfying for him. And there, I think, is where I will leave it. I’ll let you know in 2038 whether it’s improved any.



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5 responses to “Doctor Who: The Horns of Nimon (parts three and four)

  1. Curious, then: reading what you wrote about Death to the Daleks, what are your bottom five stories up to this point in the show?

  2. How I became a Doctor Who fan: After catching a handful of episodes here and there, I finally figured out what channel & time the series was airing, and began following it each weekday night at 6:00 PM on WLIW Channel 21, beginning with The Horns of Nimon episode four. Yeah, not an auspicious start, I know, but when you’re seven years old you can be a lot less critical of these things.

    By the way, the Nimons have actually made subsequent appearances. They were in a Big Finish story Seasons of Fear, and more recently one of them popped up in The Eleventh Doctor comic book…

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