Agent Carter 1.3 – Time and Tide

The third episode of Agent Carter doesn’t have any of the standout action scenes that the first two stories had, though there is one fight scene toward the end that’s quite interesting. It’s a perfect example of the Chekhov’s Gun rule. We are introduced to a weird super-scientific gadget, and then Peggy gets into a fight with a bruiser so big that even her training and skills won’t help much, and then it’s just a matter of waiting for somebody to grab that gadget.

Our son was confused by the emotional core of the episode, which is built around the SSR interrogating Jarvis and confronting him with something they know that he doesn’t want known: he was discharged from the British Army for treason very early in the war. Since our son has never been in the room when I’ve watched, say, Frank Pembleton or Bobby Goren get under a suspect’s skin in “The Box,” he didn’t understand why everybody was being so mean to Jarvis, and why Jarvis, for the first time in the show, got really angry. Grown-up stuff! Fortunately, Agent Carter was exploring an underground tunnel a little later. That’s more his speed.

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