MacGyver 3.9 – Hell Week

I’m very surprised by just how bad the prints of this show are, particularly this season. True, the show is thirty-plus years old, but I am still startled by how poorly Paramount kept up with these before releasing the DVDs. These DVDs look like somebody’s old home-recorded VHS tapes on six-hour speed. The funny thing is that the first disc in each set has some ads for other Paramount releases like Laverne & Shirley and The Brady Bunch, with the announcer telling us these have been digitally remastered. They put a lot more care into Happy Days than MacGyver.

Anyway, as for the content, this one is one of MacGyver‘s stories about social issues, in this case a father and son who can’t get along, leading the kid, a college student struggling to live up to his dad’s Nobel prize-winning reputation, to hit the booze and take speed. And build a bomb and install it right underneath the nuclear physics lab. As kids do.

Before this one gets heavy with the Afterschool Specialisms, it does have a very amusing scene during the college’s annual Barricades competition, where the undergraduates build elaborate Rube Goldberg machines to keep people from opening the doors of their dorm rooms. Bit convenient that Western Tech keeps a co-ed hall for the physics majors so the competition can take place in one corridor, but it’s an amusing scene.


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