The Goodies 2.5 – The Music Lovers

The good people at Network finally released details about their forthcoming Goodies set, and if you click the image above, you can get a good look at it. All eight BBC series and the specials, along with two books and a 3-CD set of tunes.

So to celebrate, I sat down with our son this morning before heading off to work to enjoy “The Music Lovers” from series two. In this one, every famous musician in the world has been kidnapped by a diabolical mastermind, so our heroes have to become famous musicians themselves in order to also get kidnapped! Eventually, they join Cilla Black, Englebert Humperdinck, and Rolf Harris in the clutches of the evil Music Master, played by Henry McGee. Incredibly goofy gags follow. We chuckled all the way through the silly thing, even if our kid, mercifully, has no idea who Humperdinck or Harris are. Ignorance is bliss!

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