Young Indiana Jones 1.13 – Ireland, 1916

We slightly baffled our son by pointing out the difficulty that Indiana Jones and his friend Remy were in at the end of the Mexican episode. They planned to go to Europe and enlist in the Belgian army, but had no money to get there. So they stowed aboard a liner bound for Ireland, were caught the first night out, and put to work as deckhands for the rest of the trip. Then they catch a ride to Dublin, where they find work in a pub to save up the money to get to London.

But Indy soon starts burning some of their cash when he spots a cute girl named Maggie, and, after some fisticuffs, befriends her brother Sean. They’re played by Susannah Doyle, who is best known for her role in the comedy Drop the Dead Donkey, and Darragh Kelly. This won’t be a very long-lasting friendship. Sean’s among the crowd that takes over the central post office during the Easter Rebellion.

Our son was pleased by all the action of the rebellion sequence, where the British army brings in enough firepower to level half the city and turn public opinion solidly against them while catching the rebels. It really is impressive, ominous, and sad. Sean’s not coming out of this alive. Even if he isn’t killed in the street fighting, a firing squad waits for him.

We also pointed out to our son how a lie of omission can be just as bad as a lie of commission. Maggie and her friend Nuala assume that our hero is an American millionaire, and he foolishly doesn’t correct them. You allow little fibs like that to go on, and you end up buying a lot of cream cakes and seats at the music hall for silly girls.

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