MacGyver 3.4 – Ghost Ship

And so now back to the 1987-88 season and another ten episodes of MacGyver. I see that the production of MacGyver moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver between seasons two and three. Looking at eighties LA has been one of the more interesting things about even the weaker episodes, blast it. Fingers crossed!

This one, written by Stephen Kandel, at least starts like it means to be memorable. Mac is in the Alaskan wilderness doing the most difficult phase of a mapping project when he spots an abandoned freighter just chilling in an inlet on the river. It doesn’t look like anybody’s aboard, so what’s going on?

Sadly, what starts intriguing, and includes one effective shock scene when a window gets broken, rapidly deteriorates into an inevitable Scooby Doo plot. It’s obvious to adult eyes where this mess is going, but our son is young enough to have enjoyed the shocks, even if the unmasking left him a little discouraged.


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