Thunderbirds are Go 2.22 – Inferno

We had to cheat and watch this episode of Thunderbirds are Go on Dailymotion. “Inferno” was not shown in the UK because the network thought it was too similar to last year’s real disaster at London’s Grenfell Tower, where seventy people were killed in a high-rise building that burned for most of three days. I can understand the sensitivity about broadcasting the episode, but not including it on the DVD is taking things a little far, ITV. The episode was streamed on platforms like Amazon Prime, so at least the episode wasn’t totally buried.

Since the network forced a comparison to something that actually happened, “Inferno,” which was written by Benjamin Townsend, is remarkably low-key. There is indeed a stupidly tall building on fire, but there are only about six people in the thing. There are a couple of good jokes about even taller buildings always being erected in Dubai, and Thunderbird 2 actually gets damaged, even if its mostly a cosmetic bruising. Our son enjoyed it, although we really had to question the point of the building having an extinguisher system that could take out the blaze… but only after it is completely evacuated, as the gas is lethal. Nobody ever thinks these things through, do they?

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