MacGyver 2.15 – Pirates

There’s a scene in this story, which was written by Stephen Kandel, where our hero is trapped in a boat that’s slowly sinking, and the hatch above him has been locked by the villains. I asked our son whether it was a scary scene. “No, it was really interesting,” he replied. MacGyver tries two tricks to get himself free, and our son said he figured that the first one wouldn’t work. He uses a bilge pump to fill a boat bumper that he has jammed against the locked hatch with water, hoping it will expand enough to raise the hatch. “The bumper couldn’t have been big enough, so he’d have to come up with something else.” I’m not sure there wasn’t a bit of “knew it all along”ness there, but I’m glad the show’s keeping him curious about what MacGyver will try next.


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